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Household Accounting Book 7.0

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If you are a user of previous versions of this software (e.g. Household Accounting Book 6.0), you might be interested in the improvements and new features that version 7.0 has to offer as well as in the compatibility with your existing data. All of this is summarized below...

  • Importing your existing data from version 6.0 is no problem. Please click here for step-by-step instructions.

  • The user interface of this software has been improved regarding design and handling, following the input from many users. You will now be able to display the windows in any size you wish. Tables and graphs can be displayed in parallel.

  • If you use different currencies in your accounting book, the software can (optional) read the daily current exchange rate from the internet (from the data base of the European Central Bank). So there is no need to enter the exchange rate manually...

  • A backup function was implemented that allows you to save your data and restore it (if you want) to an earlier point in time...learn more.

...In summary: we have tried to implement a lot of feedback of our users (you) to improve the Household Accounting Book. We hope you continue having fun using this software and we look forward to receiving more feedback for further development of this application.

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